Korean Art and Antiques
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19th Century Chinese Dining Table w/Beautiful Grain and Color
Greenland Inuit Figure
Indonesian Antique Inkline Carpenter's Tool
15th Century Gilded Tibetan Manuscript Cover
Early 18th Century Bhutanese Thangka of Padmasambhava
Chinese Song Dynasty Guanyin Wood Sculpture
Burmese Bronze Buddha with Movable Hand
Burmese Buddha w/ Human Face and Primitive Inscription
Chinese Junyao Bowl, Yuan Dynasty, Great Provenance
Old South China/North Vietnam Yao Shaman Ka Dong Deity Ritual Mask
Fine Nepalese Mask of a Rare Type with Pigments
Burmese Bronze Sakyamuni Buddha, the Historical Buddha
18th Century Bronze Indian Mango Purse
Rare 17th Century Tibetan Chakrasamvara Thangka
18th Century Mongolian Thangka of a Guardian Deity
18th Century Chinese Helmet with Original Embroidery
Nepalese Mask of a Humla Aesthete with a Topknot
Nepalese Rai Tribe Mask with Red Pigment