Korean Art and Antiques
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17th Century White Tara Tibetan Thangka
Nepalese Shaman's Suit of Bells, Feathers, and Hide
Antique Nepalese Carousel Horse with a Delightful Face
Nepalese Musical Instrument w/Animal and Human Carvings
Sri Lanka Monkey Mask for Fetus Protection Ritual Drama
18th Century Tibetan Wood Vessel with Handles
Nepalese Temple Sculpture of a Monkey Eating a Mango
Nepalese Middle Hills Shaman Mask
Indian Devi (Durga) Mohra Mask from Himachal Pradesh
Large Indian Horse Head Festival Mask from Orissa
Ancient Indian Terracotta Plaque, 3rd Cent. BC, Mauryan
Large Burmese Wood Sculpture of an Overseer
Fine 18th Century Burmese Doll of Wood and Leather