Korean Art and Antiques
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Korean Art and Antiques
Very Fine and Rare Goryeo Dynasty Inlaid Celadon Cosmetic Box, 12th to 13th Century. The last photo here is a similar example that was in Christie's September 22, 2005 Sale of Japanese and Korean Art. We are sure you will agree that the Christie's example is not as refined, detailed, and beautifully designed as the piece that we offer here, with its inlaid lotus, geese, willow tree, and reeds. The condition is also excellent. On the side, you can see two small spaces where the potter's fingers covered the glaze. This is original to the piece so it is not a condition issue. It is in pretty much its original condition. The Christie's example was estimated at $10,000 to $15,000, 10 years ago. Dimensions: 4.75 inches wide, 3 inches high (50% larger than the Christie's example, which was 3.25 inches wide). 12 cm wide and 7.5 cm high.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Korean : Ceramics : Pre 1492 item #1079127 (stock #0770)
Korean Art and Antiques
Very Rare 13th Century Celadon Bowl with Elaborate Gold Painting. Gold-painted celadons were produced during a very short period of time in the late 13th Century in Korea, so they are very rare. Black and white slip inlay is used for the design of the Willow Trees (ancient symbol of peace and contentment), Duck Family (symbol of blissful family life), Pampas Grass (symbol of autumn), Bullocho (mythical longevity plant), Lotus Blossoms (symbol of purity and rebirth), Chrysanthemums (symbol of well-being and abundance), and Orchids (symbol of modesty). Real gold paint is used throughout, for the bullocho, the pampas flowers, the irises, the ducks, the three rings that circle the interior of the bowl at the top to create a band for the inlaid floral scroll, and the two rings at the bottom of the bowl interior that create a solar center for the gold chrysanthemum. The exterior of the bowl is as elaborately inlaid as the interior, with gorgeous floral scrolls and sprays throughout, and a ring of stylized lotus blossoms at the bottom. The old gold lacquer repair is a desirable thing for serious collectors, and adds further character and history to a very rare, true masterpiece of celadon. 7.5w x 2.75h inches, 19w x 7h cm.