Korean Art and Antiques
Royal Min Family Porcelain Memorial Tablet dated May 1830
Very Rare Joseon Dynasty Child's Jacket (Jeogori)
Beautiful Rare Silver and Coral Eunjangdo with Very Fine Floral Design
Very Fine and Rare Korean Goryeo Dynasty Inlaid Celadon Cosmetic Box
Exceptional Example of a Joseon Blue & White Porcelain Bottle
Joseon Period Calligraphy by Yi Du Hwang aka Seolak (1858-1916)
Rare Early Buncheong Vessel by Shin Sang Ho from 1993
Beautiful Landscape Screen Painting by Songjae Oh Neung Ju (1928-)
Very Rare and Beautiful Scholar's Stationery Chest with Persimmon Wood
Extremely Rare 18th Century Korean Coin Chest (Donkwe) 6 sides Zelkova
Antique Korean Dragon Painting Exploding with Life and Personality
Geese and Reed Painting by Royal Court Painter Yang Ki Hun (1843-1897)
Fine and Beautifully Embroidered 19th Century Korean Ironing Board
Deluxe Pair of Finely Embroidered 19th Century Korean Pillow Ends
Kang Suk Young Slip-Cast Sculpture
Vessel by Cho Chung Hyun, Dean of Ewha Womans University
Shin Eun Sook Marble Sculpture, Mandala
Shin Eun Sook Granite Sculpture, Cosmos