Korean Art and Korean Antiques
One-of-a-kind Matching Pair of Fine Zelkova Wood Korean Antique Chests
19th Century Korean Bandaji Chest from Jeolla Province with golden hue
Large Zelkova Wood Korean Headside Chest from Gyeonggi Province
Very Rare 18th Century Coin Chest, Zelkova Wood on all six sides
Very Rare Korean Antique Wood Carved and Painted Wedding Geese Couple
Rare and Sublime Bronze and Wood Necklace from Nias Island
Painted Bronze Qing Dynasty Chinese Guan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion
Red Lacquered Korean Safe with Beautiful Auspicious Metalwork
Gorgeous Antique Chinese Table with Beautiful Elm Grain
One-of-a-kind 19th C. Korean Hat Box entirely of Exotic Paulownia Wood
Beautiful and Rare 19th Century Korean Elm Wood Document Box
Antique Korean Blue Porcelain Fish Water Dropper
Fine 19th Century Korean Dragon Painting in a Rich Golden Pallette
14 Stone Artifacts from 7th C. Nakhwa-am Cliff of the Falling Flowers
Blue and White Porcelain Fish Bowl from the Korean Royal Bunwon Kiln
Ancient Seal Script by Korea's Most Famous Calligrapher, O Se Chang
Calligraphy by Korea's Most Famous Calligrapher, O Se Chang, 1864-1953
Rare 18th Century Landscape Painting by Ban Wol aka Geo Sa dated 1752