Korean Art and Antiques
Chinese Song Dynasty Guanyin Wood Sculpture
Unique and Rare Red, Brown and White Porcelain Jar
Very Fine and Rare Korean Goryeo Dynasty Inlaid Celadon Cosmetic Box
Nepalese Magar Tribe Mask with a Vulva and Inscription
Three Antique Korean Safes with Stunning Burlwood Grain and Metalwork
Nepalese Mask of a Humla Aesthete with a Topknot
Nepalese Terai Region Maiden Mask
Extremely Rare and Exquisite 10th Century Korean Lotus Celadon Bottle
Greenland Inuit Figure
Rare Korean Funeral Bier Panels, Over 7 Feet Long
19th Century Hwajodo Bird and Flower Screen Painting
Burmese Bronze Buddha with Movable Hand
Burmese Buddha w/ Human Face and Primitive Inscription
Rare 19th Century Black Lacquered Box with Cranes, Trees, and Flowers
Rare 19th Century Black Lacquered Box w/ River and Mountain Landscape
Rare 19th Century Black Lacquered Box w/Ten Symbols of Long Life
Old South China/North Vietnam Yao Shaman Ka Dong Deity Ritual Mask
Nepalese Shaman's Suit of Bells, Feathers, and Hide