Korean Art and Antiques
Very Rare Korean Black Lacquered Mother of Pearl Soban Table
Burmese Bronze Sakyamuni Buddha, the Historical Buddha
19th Century Blue and White Porcelain Peony Bottle
Sharkskin Headband Case
Large Korean Antique Lacquered Sword with Dragons
Warm and Colorful Chaekkori Painting of Scholar's Items
18th Century Bronze Indian Mango Purse
19th Century Hwajodo Bird and Flower Screen Painting
Very Rare Celadon Bowl with Elaborate Slip Inlay and Gold
12th Century Conical Pure Celadon Bowl
Rare 17th Century Tibetan Chakrasamvara Thangka
18th Century Mongolian Thangka of a Guardian Deity
Embroidered Bojagi with an Abundance of Flowers
One-Of-A-Kind Chilseong Changpogeom 18th Century Sword
Oldest Korean Embroidery, Fine Pillow Ends w/ Peonies and Butterflies
Rare Yugon, Confucian Student's Hat made of Fine Ramie
18th Century Chinese Helmet with Original Embroidery
Wonderfully Inventive Pair of Allegorical Paintings