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Shaman's Feast Woodblock Print on Traditional Hanji Paper by Hong Sung Dam in 1982 (21 x 15 inches, 53.5 x 38 cm, including margins). Hong Sung Dam is a woodblock print artist who was a leader of the minjung, the peoples' political movement that arose from the ashes of the Gwangju Massacre where the Korean government slaughtered hundreds (some witnesses say thousands) of their own citizens in the streets in response to demonstrations in Gwangju. He was arrested in 1989, and suffered brutal torture in prison. He was released in 1992 after a three-year-long campaign by Amnesty International. After the subsequent democratization of Korea, Hong was commissioned by the government in 1996 to create the large (120 feet) Minjung Mural in Gwangju. Early minjung art is much sought after, and Hong Sung Dam is one of the most revered and acclaimed minjung artists. He donated much of his early work, so opportunities to buy are very infrequent (practically non-existent, actually). So we are very pleased to offer this rare collection of woodblock prints on traditional hanji paper by Hong Sung Dam that were created before his imprisonment, hidden from authorities by his friends, and donated to Amnesty International after their successful effort to get him released from prison. Own a piece of history and a beautiful work of art from a man who grew up in poverty (on the island of Haui) and illness (severe tuberculosis as a youth) to become an inspiring artist who gave his life to his art and his people.
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Korean Art and Antiques
Oil Painting by Park Deuk Soon (1910 - 1990), signed and dated 1949, with original frame. Park Deuk Soon studied in Tokyo with Ryohei Koizo and graduated from the Pacific Fine Arts School in 1938. He exhibited often at the National Art Exhibition and the Chosun Art Exhibition. He was also an educator and an active member of the Kukjeon, and served for a time as President of the Korean Painters Association. Frame: 23.5 x 19 inches, 59 x 48 cm; Painting: 17 x 12.25 inches, 43 x 31 cm.