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Rare Painted Ceramic Plate by Park No Soo (1927-2013), a contemplative piece that rewards repeated and meditative viewing. Painted ceramics by Park No Soo are rare, and this fine example is particularly rare and very important, as it was the only one created to commemorate the opening of the Seoul Arts Center in 1988, the year of the Olympics in Seoul. The original certificate accompanies this piece. Just the first page of a google search reveals Park No Soo's international renown, as well as the adoration he receives locally in Korea. His minimal style and palette is instantly recognizable, and this beautiful painting is a fine example of his inimitable, expressive brushwork. The Park No Soo Museum opened in 2013 in Seoul's Jongno District, Jongno's first public museum. Park No Soo was a student of Yi Sang Beom, who was a student of An Jung Sik, who was a student of Jang Seung Eop, the very best possible lineage of Korean art royalty. The plate itself was potted by Yang Jong Wha (born 1941). It is a large and deep plate, 12.75 inches (32.5cm) wide by 2 inches (5cm) deep.