Korean Art and Antiques
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Chinese Song Dynasty Guanyin Wood Sculpture
Nepalese Magar Tribe Mask with a Vulva and Inscription
Nepalese Shaman's Suit of Bells, Feathers, and Hide
Nepalese Terai Region Maiden Mask
Nepalese Mask of a Humla Aesthete with a Topknot
Greenland Inuit Figure
Burmese Buddha w/ Human Face and Primitive Inscription
Burmese Bronze Buddha with Movable Hand
Fine Nepalese Mask of a Rare Type with Pigments
Fine, Old Chinese Yao Shaman Mask
Rare and Sublime Coconut Shell Torque Necklace from Nias Island
Chinese Junyao Bowl, Yuan Dynasty, Great Provenance
Chinese Song Porcelain from Fogg Museum and Toledo Museum
Burmese Bronze Sakyamuni Buddha, the Historical Buddha
Sri Lanka Monkey Mask for Fetus Protection Ritual Drama
Fine 18th Century Burmese Doll of Wood and Leather
Gorgeous Antique Chinese Table with Beautiful Elm Grain
Painted Bronze Qing Dynasty Chinese Guan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion