Korean Art and Antiques
Antique Chinese Wood Sculpture of a General on Horseback
Antique Chinese Wood Sculpture of Royal Couple, Published Collection
Antique Chinese Buddhist Architectural Art, Fantastic Detail and Color
Antique Stone and Metal Chinese Seal Chop
Painted Bronze Qing Dynasty Chinese Guan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion
Gorgeous Antique Chinese Table with Beautiful Elm Grain
Chinese Song Porcelain from Fogg Museum and Toledo Museum
Fine 19th Century Lacquered Chinese Theater Mask with a Splendid Face
19th Century Chinese Dining Table w/Beautiful Grain and Color
Chinese Song Dynasty Guanyin Wood Sculpture
Chinese Junyao Bowl, Yuan Dynasty, Great Provenance
Old South China/North Vietnam Yao Shaman Ka Dong Deity Ritual Mask
18th Century Mongolian Thangka of a Guardian Deity
18th Century Chinese Helmet with Original Embroidery