Korean Art and Antiques
Antique Korean Coin Chest, Donkwe
Extremely Rare and Exquisite 10th Century Korean Lotus Celadon Bottle
Fine 19th Century Korean Royal Court Painting of Children at Play
Rare Pair of Boxes for Scholar's Seals with Lovely Wood Grain
19th Century Bird and Flower Painting w/Symbols of Love and Prosperity
Korean 19th Century Mountain Spirit Painting with a Fantastic Tiger
Scarce 19th Century Painting of Dokseong, Korea's Ancient Hermit Saint
Rare Small Antique Korean Safe with Original Owner Inscription
Rare 19th Century Korean Buddhist Scholar's Study Desk (Gyeongsang)
19th Century Korean Bandaji Chest from Jeolla Province with golden hue
Large Zelkova Wood Korean Headside Chest from Gyeonggi Province
Very Rare 18th Century Coin Chest, Zelkova Wood on all six sides
Rare and Sublime Coconut Shell Torque Necklace from Nias Island
Painted Bronze Qing Dynasty Chinese Guan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion
Pair of 19th Century Paintings of Mountain Spirit and Hermit Saint
Rare, Museum Quality 19th Century Medicine Chest with Paulownia Doors
Beautiful Korean Antique Wood Safe with Fine Grain
One-of-a-kind Matching Pair of Fine Zelkova Wood Korean Antique Chests